Not My Problem

I received an inbox from a lady the other day and it revealed some very worrying attitudes from the business owners of the Living Eggs Project.  Here it is:

” Very worrying, the attitudes from the Living Egg Project Business Owners.

“Hi My nursery has just run the living eggs project and I was horrified at how cruel the whole set up was. Not only are these poor little chicks orphaned but we were told when they were collected before half term they would be gassed and fed to snakes!!!! My poor toddlers were distraught and I just can’t see how this is beneficial to either the chicks or children. I took the decision to adopt two of the chicks as we are able to offer them a much nicer life and I very happy I did. They are quite settled now – although running riot around our spare room. We called the manager at living eggs to confirm what breed etc and were basically told its not their problem and if we don’t know about chickens we shouldn’t have adopted them!!!!! 
Anyway I just wanted to say that I have spread the word and think your doing a great job getting the message out there! Here is a pic of our Living Egg Project survivors! Once the weather warms they have a lovely field and house to live in – much better then snake food!!!””


Again if anyone would like some leaflets to hand out to schools, parents, teachers, please get in touch with me.  

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That Time Of Year Again

It’s that time of year again when schools, care homes etc subscribe to the Living Eggs Project.  Many of the schools do not give consideration to the long term welfare of the chicks, they do not realise maybe that the cocks will be killed when sent to the farms (they are surplus to requirements) and they care not that the chicks are not born in a natural environment.  Indeed if you read this report on animals in schools and education by the RSPCA it is quite clear they would completely oppose the Living Eggs Project.  I wonder if schools realise they are participating in activities regarded as cruel and unsuitable by the RSPCA.  Here is the link see yourself.

I have plenty of leaflets if anyone would like some to give to schools, parents, teachers or care homes.  Please contact me via this blog with your address and I will send you some.

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The Sad Truth

The sad truth is, no matter what the schools or ‘Living Eggs’ say about the welfare of their chicks, there are still very real concerns and some schools are not bothering about the long term welfare of the chicks.

This was sent to me yesterday by a concerned person

“A teaching assistant in a Lincoln school has had to take home all the hatched chicks from a ‘living egg’ project. The school didn’t give a stuff about what happened to the hatched chicks when the project had finished.
She has homed the hens but left with 3 cockerels, 2 of which are picking on one. In Brighton we are are working with our council to stop schools running this sick, stupid project, which teaches children that animals are a classroom resource.”

Unfortunately the cockerels are always difficult to rehome, no one wants them.

The new school year has started and we must redouble our efforts to get this ‘project’ stopped.  Please contact me if you would like some leaflets to give to your childs school or any schools in your area and also please send me your experiences of the ‘Living Eggs Project;’  Remember ‘Living Eggs – Dead Chicks’

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Political Support

Some important news just in.  I’ve just found out that the Green Party in Sussex have added their support to this campaign after seeing our leaflets.  Great to see growing national, international and political support.

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Australian Opposition

Living Eggs Project began in Australia and an Australian lady saw my campaign and immediately got in touch with her story of her experiences with this project, her campaigns and her stories from other people.  It’s a very enlightening read and I urge you to click the link and check it out.  I dedicate this blog post to the Australian campaign.  Thank you for caring ❤

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Growing Support

I’m happy to see that support for the opposition to the Living Eggs is growing.  We’ve had mixed reactions from the schools that have been politely written to, some fairly positive, others quite rude to be honest which has surprised me as I’ve fifteen years of teaching experience and it’s very unprofessional to be rude as you are respresenting the school.

I really do hope that the schools realise that this campaign has been started because of the concerns of parents and other people who do not think using animals in such a way is an appropriate method of educating children and a job that involves shaping the hearts and minds of children should not be teaching them that animals are disposable, just for projects.

Unfortunately, in ‘real life’ baby chicks are treated as commodities, the male chicks killed at birth in a grinder as they are surplus to requirements and the babies are born without mothers.  Why then encourage and treat this industry as if it is normal.  Normal birth generally has a mother on the scene, not a crowd of children who despite best intentions can be rough and noisy.  The chicks are handled as the project involves weighing the chicks to chart growth.  Then they are ‘rehomed’.  Sometimes a concerned parent or teacher will take them in, but how long can this be sustained and what happens to the male chicks?  Unfortunately no one wants the male chicks, including the free range farms that are often referenced as taking the chicks, I have a suspicion that the male chicks don’t last very long.  The egg laying chicks on a free range farm will have a hard working life and sold for slaughter at a very early age.  That is what is happening, the ‘so called miracle’ of life that the project claims to show is just another way of making money out of abusing chicks and it is very lucrative indeed with schools coughing up the bill.  I’m glad to see the level of support we are getting shows not everyone is hoodwinked by the word ‘educational’ and there are people who want compassionate choices to be made, especially where the education of their children is concerned.

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A bittersweet new life

My friend Clare who took in the chicks born from the project at her son’s school could only take them in temporarily and took them to Willow’s Sanctuary to start their new life.  Unfortunately not all good news, this is what she said

“I said goodbye to my chicks at the weekend when I dropped them off at their new home at Willows Animal Sanctuary in Aberdeenshire. They seemed quite at home in their new surroundings. Sadly, Willows owner told me that they are a breed of bird designed for slaughter and as such they will not have a very long life expectancy.”

But thanks to the sanctuary, I understand they are having some financial difficulties and any help would be appreciated.  You can find them here

On other matters, I have been busy writing to schools, emailing and sending leaflets, I wonder if I will be getting any kind of feedback to this page soon?  I hope to be able to at least make people think about the wider issues here and that what they are actually teaching children is that animals are disposable.  The chicks that are sent to farms are destined for a short working life and I wonder what they think happens to the boy chicks?  The boy chicks are very difficult to rehome, many people don’t want them as they don’t want to breed their chickens, it’s difficult to have more than one because they fight etc.  I would like to know what the farms do with the roosters once they are unsuitable for breeding, no farmer keeps unproductive animals.  I hope people can see beyond their unrealistic image of hens pottering about a huge free range field.  Not the reality.

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