Response From The Education Department of the Secretary of State

Response from the Education Department office:
‘Thank you for your email of 9 May, addressed to the Secretary of State, about the Living Eggs project. I hope you will appreciate the Secretary of State for Education receives a vast amount of correspondence and is unable to reply to each one personally. It is for this reason I have been asked to reply.The role of this Department is limited to setting the policy framework of the National Curriculum of what is taught in terms of content, attainment targets and how performance is assessed and reported. Therefore, we do not endorse or promote specific resources or activities for use in schools.

We leave such decisions for teachers themselves to make, as we believe they are best placed to recognise the needs and abilities of their pupils. With this in mind, you may wish to contact schools or local authorities (LAs) with your concerns.

Contact details for all schools can be found at:

Details of LAs can be found at:

Once again, thank you for writing.

As part of our commitment to improving the service we provide to our customers, we are interested in hearing your views and would welcome your comments via our website at

Interesting that live chicks are referred to as ‘educational resources’.  In the light of this it seems our campaign would be better aimed at the participating schools.  We only want to target those involved as we don’t want to give any other schools ideas which could cause harm to even more chicks.
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