Living In a Box

Pictures sent to me by an unhappy teacher of the chicks, part of the Living Eggs Project living in a plastic box in the school she teaches in.

They’ve just been born into an environment without a mother and have been put in a plastic box to live for the three weeks they will be at the school until they go to the farm they have come from.  The teachers when quizzed about what they thought would happen to the chicks had no idea that the male chicks were of no use to the owner of an egg laying chicken farm and so would be surplus to requirements.  Hens in an egg laying farm also have a short life, once their productive live is over they are sold for slaughter.  A chicken would normally in natural circumstances live for approx fifteen years yet even in so called ‘free range’ farms chickens are sent to slaughter at a very early age, sometimes less than two years.  That is the destiny of the chicks designed to show children the ‘miracle of life’.  In reality it is a commercial enterprise which keeps the conveyor belt of suffering and death and profit smoothly running.

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2 Responses to Living In a Box

  1. Vanilla Rose says:

    The fact the teachers (allegedly) had no idea what would happen to the male chicks says it all – there is nothing educational about this.

  2. Liisa Markkanen says:

    I totally agree with Vanilla Rose, attitudes need to change!

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