Response from Hugh Robertson MP for Faversham and Mid Kent.

A supporter of the cause wrote to her local MP and this was her reply.  Please do write to your own MP’s.  We can change things if we work together.  Thanks Amanda for doing this ❤

Dear Mrs Beatty
Your recent le-mail addressed to Helen Grant has been forwarded onto me as your Member of Parliament. I have been your Member of Parliament since I was elected in 2001 when I took over from Andrew Rowe who was your MP before me, It was, however, kind of you to let me have your views.

I can wholly understand your point of view and why you may have some concerns about the Living Eggs project. As a result, I have taken this opportunity to look into the issue of the welfare of the animals more closely.

The European Directive 1999/774/EC lays down a minimum standards for the protection of laying hens, and has banned the keeping of hens in battery cages since 1 January 2012.This represents one of the most significant welfare advances across the EU and the DEFRA has been working hard to see it effectively implemented across the European Union. Welfare code are not law, but the failure to follow their provisions may be used as evidence in court when a prosecution is taken for the causing unnecessary suffering to animals. I also understand that the eggs come from the Government Accredited Hatcheries.

However, I will bring your concerns to the attention of both the DEFRA and the Department for Education. I do understand your concerns and will also monitor this scheme carefully.

Thank you, once again, for contacting me and all my best wishes

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