Growing Support

I’m happy to see that support for the opposition to the Living Eggs is growing.  We’ve had mixed reactions from the schools that have been politely written to, some fairly positive, others quite rude to be honest which has surprised me as I’ve fifteen years of teaching experience and it’s very unprofessional to be rude as you are respresenting the school.

I really do hope that the schools realise that this campaign has been started because of the concerns of parents and other people who do not think using animals in such a way is an appropriate method of educating children and a job that involves shaping the hearts and minds of children should not be teaching them that animals are disposable, just for projects.

Unfortunately, in ‘real life’ baby chicks are treated as commodities, the male chicks killed at birth in a grinder as they are surplus to requirements and the babies are born without mothers.  Why then encourage and treat this industry as if it is normal.  Normal birth generally has a mother on the scene, not a crowd of children who despite best intentions can be rough and noisy.  The chicks are handled as the project involves weighing the chicks to chart growth.  Then they are ‘rehomed’.  Sometimes a concerned parent or teacher will take them in, but how long can this be sustained and what happens to the male chicks?  Unfortunately no one wants the male chicks, including the free range farms that are often referenced as taking the chicks, I have a suspicion that the male chicks don’t last very long.  The egg laying chicks on a free range farm will have a hard working life and sold for slaughter at a very early age.  That is what is happening, the ‘so called miracle’ of life that the project claims to show is just another way of making money out of abusing chicks and it is very lucrative indeed with schools coughing up the bill.  I’m glad to see the level of support we are getting shows not everyone is hoodwinked by the word ‘educational’ and there are people who want compassionate choices to be made, especially where the education of their children is concerned.

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