Not My Problem

I received an inbox from a lady the other day and it revealed some very worrying attitudes from the business owners of the Living Eggs Project.  Here it is:

” Very worrying, the attitudes from the Living Egg Project Business Owners.

“Hi My nursery has just run the living eggs project and I was horrified at how cruel the whole set up was. Not only are these poor little chicks orphaned but we were told when they were collected before half term they would be gassed and fed to snakes!!!! My poor toddlers were distraught and I just can’t see how this is beneficial to either the chicks or children. I took the decision to adopt two of the chicks as we are able to offer them a much nicer life and I very happy I did. They are quite settled now – although running riot around our spare room. We called the manager at living eggs to confirm what breed etc and were basically told its not their problem and if we don’t know about chickens we shouldn’t have adopted them!!!!! 
Anyway I just wanted to say that I have spread the word and think your doing a great job getting the message out there! Here is a pic of our Living Egg Project survivors! Once the weather warms they have a lovely field and house to live in – much better then snake food!!!””


Again if anyone would like some leaflets to hand out to schools, parents, teachers, please get in touch with me.  

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1 Response to Not My Problem

  1. helen says:

    my school is undertaking the programme presently
    I already keep hens and ducks and was prepared to take the females (not allowed cocks )
    emailed the woman told cannot take just females nowhere in the literature does bit say this although she was adamant it did
    the whole thing needs banning

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